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Easy to Install

Thin and Flexible

Rugged and Reliable

Even Heating, fewer Hot Spots

Good Electrical, Chemical Properties

Wide Selection of Terminals, wire connections


Our computer designed circuits allow us to offer maximum performance and longer service life.

USES . . . Medical devices, paraffin melting, car and truck mirror de-icing,
ski boot and glove warmers, electrical equipment freeze protection, pizza delivery warmers and many others.

SHAPES THAT FIT . . . Polyester heaters can be configured in many sizes - round, rectangular and square in widths up to 24 and lengths up to 144 inches.
They are also available in special shapes upon request. Normal construction includes a thin sheet of aluminum foil to help even out heat distribution. Maximum Service Temperature - 93C/200F

EASY TO APPLY . . . An acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is recommended for use on flat or gently curved surfaces for heaters with watt densities less than 1.0 watts/ square inch. Pressure sensitive adhesive can be supplied on the underside of the heater for bonding purposes, and is protected by a peel away film during transportation and storage.

ACCESSORIES . . . Thermostats, heat fuses, thermistors, thermocouples and other items can be factory installed

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